Bioinformatics Module

Since the completion of the Human Genome project in April 2003, the genomes of many different organisms have been sequenced. Because Bacteria and Archaea have small genomes that lack introns, analysis of their genomes is simpler than for eukaryotes. Marine bacteria have not been well studied up to now, but recent analyses of their genomes have highlighted the importance of these organisms in our environment. In this module we will use genome sequences of several marine bacteria to learn how genomes are analyzed.

In this module students will:

a) be introduced to a genome project

b) get an overview of how genomes are sequenced

c) learn about Bioinformatics

d) be able to perform gene annotation

e) connect and review learned material

** This module is covered in five days; each day will consist of a different activity. **

Lab Handouts:

Genomes (pdf) Genomes (doc)  
How to Sequence a Genome (pdf) How to Sequence a Genome (doc)  
Reading Guide for Bioinformatics (pdf) Reading Guide for Bioinformatics (doc)  
KEGG (pdf) KEGG (doc)  
Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (pdf) Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (doc)  
Reference Table (pdf) Reference Table (xls)  
Connections (pdf) Connections (doc)  
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